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Ancient Greek
Sikyon Dove Coin Jewelry

Sikyon Dove ancient Greek coins were minted in Sikyon, a Greek city located 11 miles Northwest of Corinth in northern Peloponnese.  Sikyon was a famous Greek center for the arts, particularly painting and sculpture, and was one of the first cities in Peloponnese to issue coinage.  Her coins first appeared in the beginning of the 5th century BC and most commonly depicted the images of a flying dove and chimaera, a mythical fire-breathing creature resembling a lion, but actually a mixture of part lion, goat, and snake. The Dove symbolizes spirit and renewal, the chimaera was likely chosen because the dreaded monster was ultimately killed by the hero Bellerophon and Apollo, the cities chief deity.

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Sikyon Dove
Item#:  9012
Ancient Greece
AR Hemidrachm
360-330 BC

Measurements with 14k gold bezel
Weight:  5.6 grams
Diameter: .80 inches

Price:  $695.00  SOLD


Silver hemidrachm, ancient Sikyon Greece, 360-330 BC, graded fine for condition.  Dove flying left on reverse, chimaera walking left on obverse.  A cute little coin with the dove nicely centered.  Coin with bezel is about the size of a nickel.


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